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чУдеса в разбитом горшке


Если у вас вдруг разбился цветочный горшок - не расстраивайтесь, еще не все потеряно)) А что же можно восстановить и пара тройка о том - как, вот тут)))

Never let those broken potted plants go to waste again, you can repurpose your planter! All that you need is a broken pot, your imagination, plants, and maybe some pieces of the broken pot to create an amazing fairy garden. Some people are going above and beyond, incorporating miniature houses, glass mushrooms, and colorful bird houses into their fairy garden. If you create one of your own, you never what sort of gnomes or fairies you will attract to your garden.

Recycling is one of the best trends out there, after all if we don’t start reusing what we have, we are going to run out of resources and landfills before we know it. Taking your old and broken materials and turning them into something new is one of the best ways you can help relieve the burden our planet faces. Thanks to some creative DIY geniuses, you can now reuse your broken planters.

Plus, you’ll be going green in another way as well, enjoying the perks of working with flowers and fairy gardens.

These DIY fairy gardens are the perfect craft to fill up your next unbooked weekend. Check out these photos of brilliant fairy garden creations as your source of inspiration!


Take a peek at the stairs in this fairy garden, don’t they sort of look like the pieces of a  Jenga set? Even if they are not, the idea opens up the possibility that you can use just about anything to create your fairy garden. Speaking of games, maybe you have one missing too many pieces to be considered playable anymore, in which case everything from the game’s chips to figurines might make great garden accessories.


Here is a step-by-step photo how to start a broken potted plant, reincorporating the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, including little steps made of planter-peices.


Fairies, butterflies and furry foliage share this redesigned planter.


Once-upon-a-time this was a broken planter, now the bright colors inside give it a whole new life.


Here is where the great gnome lives! He keeps a guest house for all of his fairy friends. On a serious note, growing succulent plants is a smart idea because they don’t require tons of water and tend to be low maintenance.


Look closely at the planter below to see where the sheep roam.


This person must have a lot of broken pots laying around! If you’re tired of waiting for one of your planters to break, you can also use a special tool, such as a wheel grinder, to cut the pots. Some people try and break the pieces off themselves but this isn’t usually very successful. You can also go to garage sales or look through a nearby junk yard to find what you need to make a fairy garden of your own.


The most high-end Halloween decoration ever, simply because you must maintain it all year long. At least this pumpkin fairy home, complete with bridge, is incredibly adorable no matter the season.


Layering the broken pieces inside of the planter provides an open-faced preview of the beautiful secret garden inside.


Knock, knock, any-gnome home?


Fairy gardens tend to attract all the locals with wings.



Mixing and matching plants is a great way to add contrast and a story behind your fairy garden, but make sure that all of the plants you pick go to together. In other words, all plants should require the same amount of food, water, and sunshine. Otherwise, some plants will thrive and others will rapidly decline.


You can plant the garden any way you like, but as the flowers grow in and bloom they always add a unique touch.


Photo Credits: Saskia, Badlay, Rebecca Snyder, Sue Matyszak, Susie Morgan Wilburn, Genevieve Gail, Lynette, Chigiy,,, Sarah Wynne, Kelli Voss,,,
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